Cloud + Social Business + Workout Tracking = The future of your club!

Sportrick is an innovative membership management software, the first with ecommerce social based, workout tracking integration and physical access control totally cloud.
Check-in, billing, payment processing, reports, class scheduling, access control: SportRick is a full membership solution totally web based!

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Who is for?

Classes and courses scheduling

SportRick is ideal for all businesses that offer classes and courses to their customers, such as: 

What does SportRick exactly do?

It 's really easy!

Everyone can work with SportRick!

You don't have to be a hacker to use SportRick, because:

How does it work?

Why SportRick?

Passion for quality!

SportRick combines the experience of SportGest with our web passion. SportRick is unique because:

How much does it cost?

Your secret weapon for success

SportRick Social Booking® is a innovative way to engage your members, they can create groups, events and invite theirs friends to lessons. This Social Business engine will be your best seller. Direct marketing is dead, email and sms are abused way too much, only with social the membership engagment can grow your business! 

With MyZone® integration, your members can achieve their health and fitness goals and you can reward they with promotional coupons. You can offer indoor/outdoor membership formula, because with SportRick you know where your clients makes workout. It's time to break down the boundaries of your facility! 

Social Business and Workout Tracking, two awesome tools to achieve your business goals!

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